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Felix SainzAR

Felix Sainz<sup>AR</sup>
Felix SainzAR

Scenographer, stage designer, set designer. When he finished high school he began to work in Fuerza Bruta, first in the construction of the set's scenery and then to tour different countries around the world putting together and running the show. Over the years he studied cinema for three years, and thanks to that he had the opportunity to work in feature films and series. In parallel, the Louta project was emerging, and, to the friendship with the artist, Felix became an important player of the staging. Later, with the creation of Agencia Picante, different artists began to integrate it and that is where he began to become familiar with and delve into the Set Design and Staging of live shows, passing through Artists such as WOS, Louta, Acru, Trueno, Camilo , YSY A, Angela Torres, Juan Mango, Knowing Russia, Nathy Peluso, Marilina Bertoldi, among others.

He is currently working permanently in the Set Design and Technical Production of WOS. Also, he is part of a team with different colleagues that allows him to be part of other projects and visual installations that are presented along the way, such as the inauguration of Artlab, in which he participated with a light installation.