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Manami KakudoJP

Manami Kakudo<sup>JP</sup>
Manami KakudoJP

Born in Nagasaki, JAPAN. Musician and Percussionist. Kakudo graduated from the Percussion Course, at the Department of Instrumental Music, Tokyo University of the Arts. Beyond sound performances she presents her work in various forms including sound installations and socially engaged art projects. Her solo work focuses on sound specifically using handmade instruments, the marimba, percussion in general, her voice and spoken word, the piano, guitar and other things and objects that attract her. Beyond her solo projects, she plays and conducts as “Manami Kakudo and the Taco Mansion Orchestra”. Since summer 2016 she has also been active as a vocalist and percussionist in the band “cero”.

Manami frequently collaborates with a variety of musicians such as Keiji Haino and Ikuko Harada among others. In the commercial field she has performed in various TV programs and has accomplished recording work for TV programs, commercials and movies. In addition she has been composing and producing contemporary music for dance performances and video works.