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Myriam BleauCA/QC

Myriam Bleau<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Myriam BleauCA/QC

Myriam Bleau is one of the most dynamic and prolific composers and multimedia artists on the Montreal circuit. In recent years, she has taken the stage at numerous global festivals with installations and performances that, although based on a deep dialogue with technology, are deployed through a powerful face-to-face energy. Hypermobility, her live audiovisual for Edition 19, is an experience that goes beyond the stage to completely take over the room with laser sculptures, deconstructed techno and powerful messages that reflect on the consequences of living in the rush and the unstoppable movement.

Myriam develops complex audiovisual systems that mix AI, interactive devices, A/V interfaces, among other platforms, with a strong human complement. Her projects are a way to investigate performance as a coded cultural manifestation and the representation of symbolic systems between the human and the non-human. Through installations, live A/V, and interactive presentations that border on happening and performance art in symbiosis with emerging technologies, Myriam recontextualizes elements of pop culture, music history, and contemporary philosophy. Her work has been recognized and presented globally in spaces such as Prix Ars Electronica, Sónar, ISEA, Transmediale, Todays' Arte and various editions of the MUTEK network such as Mexico, Montreal and Japan.

Montréal-based composer, digital artist and performer, Myriam Bleau.


Montréal-based composer, digital artist and performer, Myriam Bleau.


Where To Now? Records


Uncut, live audiovisual inspired by speculative architecture and the narrative of Donna Haraway, which premiered as part of the L.E.V. Festival a few weeks ago.


In addition to her numerous audiovisual performances and interactive installations, Myriam Bleau also released an album Lumens & Profits on British label Where To Now? Records in 2019.