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OKTE x reginaceii x MAJA x Taichuar

OKTE x reginaceii x MAJA x Taichu<sup>ar</sup>
OKTE x reginaceii x MAJA x Taichuar

Regina Ceii is presented with OKTE and MAJA in the format of an A/V electronic music project with vocals and visuals operated live. The set presents an eclectic narrative that goes through both extreme and soft moments: from hard and industrial beats to contemplative and sensitive soundscapes, with hybridizations of dance rhythms that range from techno to IDM, bass music and numerous Latin rhythms. The voice, at times recited and altered through multiple effects, provides a warm and soft nuance to the anarchic set of machines. Generative images are mixed live with video content processed from A.I. algorithms. The visuals together with the lighting and laser programming complete the experience in an immersive way and accompany in synchro the fluctuating dynamics of the musical set. On this occasion she joins the project by way of presenting the renowned urban artist Taichu. The show materializes in the construction of an environment that functions as a multisensory production machine, through the extreme use of technology. Regina Ceii, MAJA and Okte are multimedia artists who frequently collaborate in the creation of live and digital works of an audiovisual and scenic nature. They have presented their works at MAMBA, Cs San Martin, CCK, Tecnópolis, Mutek, Cs Recoleta, Teatro Xirgu, among other spaces.