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Un Brillo AtentoAR

Un Brillo Atento<sup>AR</sup>
Un Brillo AtentoAR

During the night, our senses attain an attentive glow. It is an open and deformed time, where perception becomes malleable and thus allows us to inaugurate a state of expectation. The work is structured in four moments, offering a temporary tour -although not necessarily chronological- through different ways of inhabiting the night. From the collective creation, we set out to gather our own experiences around this portion of time, measurable and at the same time infinite, taking as a starting point that contradictory sensation of waiting for what is unpredictable.

Verónica Balduzzi has a degree in Film Direction from the Universidad del Cine. She made the Film Program at the Torcuato di Tella University. She is a student of the Specialization in Sound Art at UNTREF. She was selected as a resident of the Biennial of the Moving Image (2018), The Biennial of Young Art (2019) and Talents BsAs (2020). He directed the short films "No need stamp" (Honorable Mention FNA Audiovisual Contest, FIDBA, The Young Art Biennial, Doc BsAs Artists Cinema, Let's Live Culture), "An idea of ​​​​everyday life" (BAFICI, EPA Cinema), " Ingrid Bergman in..." (Mar del Plata International Film Festival Video Essay Program, Doc BsAs Artists' Cinema, Kurhaus Studio), among others. She is the winner of the Creation Scholarship of the National Fund for the Arts (2018 and 2021). She is a film editor and she also writes.

Gonzalo Messi studied Arts at the National University of Buenos Aires (UBA); production and recording at the School of Music of Buenos Aires (EMBA). He was the recording technician and radio editor for “Comes to the story” (FM La Tribu) and music producer for “Pecados musicals” (FM El Faro). He works as a video editor and motiongrapher for major brands and shows, such as "The Great Gatsby" red carpet in Australia, TVC, and animated videos for Heineken, Samsung, Camel, Nike, and Tigo, among others. In 2015 he founded EL INODORO DE CRISTAL, the first Argentine contemporary jazz podcast, declared of cultural interest by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and ranked in the top 10 on Apple Podcast on several occasions. Author of the book "De Lonja y Callejón" (Qeja Ediciones, 2019). In 2019, together with Woz Producciones, he created the cycle "Author Music in Temples" declared of Cultural Interest by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. He is currently studying the Specialization in Sound Art at UNTREF.

Camila Soledad Albarracín has a Bachelor of Music (UNTREF), Argentine composer, arranger, guitarist and teacher. His current work encompasses instrumental, experimental and art sound composition. She is a member of UNACOM (Argentine Union of Composers), and is doing a postgraduate degree in Sound Art at the National University of 3 de Febrero. His music was performed by different formations, among which the UNTREF string quartet, Chamber Ensemble of the Argentine Air Force, among others. He participated in musical and cultural projects within the Kirchner Cultural Center, Muntref, Tecnópolis, Sound Art Center, among others.
His music has been broadcast by Radio Nacional Clásica FM 96.7, Radio CaSo (sound art center), Festival Sur-Aural, among others.

Martín Remiro is a professor and has a degree in Music with an orientation in Musical Education graduated from the National University of La Plata, where he works as a teacher in the Chair of Hearing Education. He is a teacher in schools dependent on that university and in various provincial educational establishments. Creator and director of the Musical Ensemble workshop at the Liceo Victor Mercante school, where he deals with musical production and performance in adolescents. His research interests are linked to the formation of the musical ear. He is a composer, guitarist, sound artist and producer, with whom he has released 20 albums.